Hi dear podcasters, listeners and podcast fans.

As time goes by. It is the 1st of february 2013 and the voting stage has ended officially today. Please stop voting and begging for votes. It is really too late now :-)

So every year a lot of people are interested into the most important stage of the EPA: The final round. How does it look like?

Our official jury stage begins. We and our judges start working soon. We will look into the top rankings in each country and category. We take a look into potential manipulated votes which our system tracks and clear rankings too.

Then we forward all top 4 ranked podcasts of every category in every country (mostly up to 16 podcasts) to our jury backend. Then we create the online accounts for our judges and our EPA official ambassadors will forward the individual login data to their nominated judges.

Wo are the judges?

Mainly our jury exists of former podcasts winners and professional media employes. We try to gain a good mixture of non professional/semi-professional and experts from media companies. Some of them will be promoted on our official EPA blog soon.

If you are a big podcasts fan, an expert or journalist and would like to be a judge, please contact us at 1stmal@podcast-award.eu

Our EPA jury stage ends on the 1st of march 2013.

Stay tuned and keep calm :-)

Everybody is excited!

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