Last week we got a horrible and shocking message. Stefan Dreyer, THE MAN behind the EPA portal, our programmer and developer past away in a car accident suddenly. We are still shocked!

Stefan Dreyer has been the heart of our IT at the European Podcast Award ever since. He built the portal from scratch.  Yes,  this portal had some bugs here and there but he was the man who was there and always available to call. The EPA portal and its complexity is not really comparable to other sites and so he made it happen. He has always supported us and the idea behind the EPA Initiative. We always knew that we were not able to pay adequate. We will never forget.

The team behind the EPA has the unluckiest and biggest loss which we could have ever get.
With his death, this award will never be the same. To be honest, this moment shows all of us to think about the really important things in life.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, his family, friends and colleagues. We wish strength, patience and the courage to keep on living peacefully some day.

Sincere condolences! We are sad and still can’t comprehend this fact.

Rest In Peace, Stefan Dreyer.


The whole European Podcast Award team!

One Response to “Our biggest loss – R.I.P. Stefan Dreyer”

  1. Carlos López Says:

    In this hard moments I would like to give my full support to his family and the team of EPA. Unfortunately we know the feelings when we lose a loved one and this become harder if you are used to see him every day.

    Rest in Peace Stefan :(