It’s time to do it again, as the fourth – and we’re sure, best – European Podcast Award gets underway.


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We’re looking forward to receiving your nominations for the European Podcast Award 2012, but first, please check out the terms and conditions below – including the importance of updating your EPA profile by heading over to http://www.european-podcast-award.eu/start/account-login.html and logging into your account.

Nominations for the European Podcast Award will not be shown on the EPA-Page until you have updated the information in your European Podcast Award account.


1.    All nominated podcast episodes must have been created in 2012

2.    If for any reason you are unable to submit an RSS Feed during the nomination process, you can now upload episodes manually through your European Podcast Award account and we will host these shows on the European Podcast Award server.

3.    You have lost your account-login? We will send you new login-data until end of September.

4.    National and European winners of the European Podcast Award 2011 are not eligible for the 2012 competition.


Timeline European Podcast Award 2012

Start: 17th September 2012

Voting stage: Till mid of January 2013

Jury stage: January-February 2013

Winner declaration: March 2013


The power of online nominations!

Last year more than 2,000 podcasts were entered in the EPA, supported by over 1,000,000 million votings. If you’re a podcaster or simply passionate about a podcast, make sure to spread the word about your favourite podcast so producers stand a great chance of winning the EPA.


While judges play their part in selecting winners of the EPA, nominations carry great weight, too: Those voted into the top 20 by listeners are highly likely to be entered into the final round of judging.


There’s much more on the EPA assessment criteria.


More chance to win

Tell everyone you’ve been nominated for an EPA award by adding our banner to your website.

You can also embed the funky EPA audio player on your site, as well as on social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. It’s very easy to do – simply click on ‘promote’ on your podcast’s player on the EPA website and you’ll get the html code needed to embed the player.

Want more information on promoting your podcast? Check out our EPA tools and resources.



One last thing…

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Good luck from your EPA team and Olympus Audio Systems.

4 Responses to “European Podcast Award 2012 – The 4th season”

  1. Phil Naessens Says:


    Thanks for this helpful blog posting and announcement. I went to the site and attempted to update my profile but it kept returning blank yet still allowed me to submit my podcasts for review….am I good?

  2. Michel Mertens Says:

    Hi Phil,

    you’re right. Submission doesn’t mean that it will appear straight on our homepage. Our ambassador will check this podcast and approve then. For UK it could take a bit longer because it is a big podcast nation. Thanks for your patience!

  3. Phil Naessens Says:

    Thank you!

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