Votings are closing, jury-members are working, and while we are waiting for the results, you can listen to the fourth episode of the Official Podcast of the European Podcast Award.

[audio:http://podconsult.dk/EPA11/2011-11-29.mp3|titles=European Podcast Award Podcast|artists=Karin Høgh & Dave Thackeray]

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Download here episode 4: “Audio editing, podcasting carreer and nominations”

You will meet:

Podcaster Anne-Sophie Reinhardt from Switzerland who has battled with anorexia for 14 years and is now recovering. Podcasting the http://fightinganorexia.com and http://MyInterContinentalLife.com

Nick Dunkerley from the Danish startup HindenburgSystems, co-sponsor of the EPA Award.

You can hear the longer version of the interview with HindenburgSystems Nick Dunkerley over here:
[audio:http://podconsult.dk/EPA11/Hindenburg_long.mp3|titles=Nick Dunkerley, HindenburgSystems]


BBC Radio 1’s Jen Long who was discovered and set on course for stardom when she was independently podcasting and showcasing local bands in her native Wales.

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2 Responses to “Episode 4 of the official EPA podcast – Audio editing, podcasting carreer and nominations”

  1. Michail Dim. Drakomathioulakis Says:

    Hi! Very interesting project and very interesting podcast, but, could you please fix the link for downloading the 4th episode??? It gives a “not found” error…

  2. Karin Høgh Says:

    Done :-) Thank you!