Long time no see but we are back!


Our official video ceremony of the European Podcast Award 2011 is online!

So check it out right now if you own the crown in one of our 4 categories in your country. And if you’re show is top ranked – CONGRATULATIONS too!

To ALL nominees, Fans and Supporters of the EPA:
Tell it to the world on Facebook and Twitter (hashtag #EPA11) by liking, posting and embedding this video on YOUR Facebook-page, Blog and Homepage. Please send us screenshots or links to 1stmail()podcast-award.eu .

Remember: Tell the people how successfully you are and how great your community supported your podcast. If not, nobody won’t care about it at all!

UPDATE 21.03.2012:

Ladies and Gentlemen,


here are the results of the European Podcast Award 2011.


All national top rankings:


Austria (all categories)

Denmark (all categories)

France (all categories)

Germany (all categories)

Italy (all categories)

Netherlands (all catgories) (Updated due to concerns about one podcast in the ”Non Profit” category. More info about it in the document)

Poland (3 categories) The “Business” category has been taken outside due to too few participants

Spain (all categories)

Switzerland (all categories)

United Kingdom (all categories)

European Rankings:

Europe (all categories)


(Please click on your country to download the pdf file)


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Thank you again for your support!

14 Responses to “European Podcast Award winners 2011”

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  3. Stefaan Lesage Says:

    I have a few quick questions ….

    Are the winners not elected based on the score they received ? I mean … I notice some podcasts have the highest internet score, but still they end on the 4 th or 5 th place ?

    Why are Belgian podcasts still mixed with those from the Netherlands ? I do understand that it’s the same language, but still … Belgium is another country.

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  7. Kevin Matthews Says:

    We were incredibly pleased to be a part of the 2011 Awards and are already looking forward to 2012.

  8. Ken Gordon Says:

    We are delighted to have been part of the EPA in 2011. What fun and what a buzz!
    Considering we only started podcasting in 2001 we are delighted with our score and we’ll be back for 2012!

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  11. Nur ein Blog Says:

    European Podcast Award 2011…

    Die GewinnerInnen des European Podcast Awards 2011 stehen fest. Es ist wohl der größte Preis für PodcasterInnen im europäischen Raum (man berichtige mich). Und ich darf auch ein wenig an den Auszeichnungen mitnaschen :) Zusätzlich zu den Gesamtsiegern…

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