Here they are! Our official EPA banners for all European and National Winners, Top10 and Top 20 ranked podcasts, so you can add and put them on your blog, homepage, facebook fanpage or wherever you like.

If you do so, please let us know on our Facebook fanpage our mail screenshots directly to 1stmail(AT)



European winners:













 National winners:











Top 10 ranked:












Top 20 ranked:










Here they are, the european winners of the European Podcast Award 2012.

Congratulations from the EPA team and Olmypus Audio Systems.


European Winner Category PERSONALITY

Will&Co (France)


European Winner Category NON PROFIT

HistoCast (Spain)


European Winner Category BUSINESS

Maximise Your Potential (United Kingdom)


European Winner Category PROFESSIONAL

Podcasts · | Internetradio mit Journalismus und alternativer Popmusik (Germany)


All european top rankings:

EPA 2012 rankings Europe




Here they are, the national winners of the European Podcast Award 2012.

Congratulations from the EPA team and Olmypus Audio Systems.


Winners Austria 2012


Category PERSONALITY Social Podcast






Winners Denmark 2012





“Weekly” fra Pride Radio DK





Winners France 2012





L’apero du Captain



Winners Germany 2012







Happy Shooting


Podcasts · | Internetradio mit Journalismus und alternativer Popmusik




Winners Italy 2012



Tango Podcast in Italiano


3T Tessere Tanti Testi… con Cipì







Winners Netherlands 2012



Kritisch Denken




Hoe?Zo! Radio – Hele uitzending





Winners Poland 2012



Podcast BEZ NAZWY!


Mój odtwarzacz – My Pocket Player




Winners Spain 2012



Ohhh! TV Podcast









Winners Switzerland 2012








Winners United Kingdom 2012



The Bugcast


FrequencyCast UK Tech and TV


Maximise Your Potential


Coffee Break French



All national top rankings:

important info: Due to the fact that in some countries and categories there had not been at least 4 nominated podcasts we don’t provide any rankings and winners

EPA 2012 rankings Austria

EPA 2012 rankings Denmark

EPA 2012 rankings France

EPA 2012 rankings Germany

EPA 2012 rankings Italy

EPA 2012 rankings Netherlands

EPA 2012 rankings Poland

EPA 2012 rankings Spain

EPA 2012 rankings Switzerland

EPA 2012 rankings United Kingdom



United Kingdom


Mark from Mark In Russia podcasting network

Nikhil, co-founder of Mixcloud


Matt Workman, Faroe Islands Podcast (national and european winner 2011)


Mark Rock, founder of Audioboo


Jeffrey Powers, host and producer at



Susanne Mandl first fell in love with podcasting in 2006 and is hooked ever since. With 3 own podcasts, one corporate podcast and many more she helped to start she is a well known member of the Austrian podcasting scene. She gave speeches on “how to podcast” on many barcamps and conferences and is a consultant for companies who want to start their own. Last year she took a break from active podcasting due to private reasons, but now she is back, podcasting in german at


Marion Tobola – Podcast




Dariusz ChrycDariusz Chryc – lives in Lubin – south western Poland (Lower Silesia region). In 2007, he created Podcast Radio 9 Lubin where every week, and now every two weeks, you can listen to information, interviews and music. For everyday office worker. In the years 2007 – 2008 a presenter on local TV news. His passion has been radio, television, communication technologies and urban transport. Local Inventor of the “friendly bus driver” & “friendly bus” for local public transport. In 2011, he won the National European Podcast Award (category: professional).







Lukasz WitkowskiLukasz Witkowski – host of Polskie Detroit Podcast ( – very first Polish podcast in the United States. He’s one of the pioneers of podcasting in Poland.

His knowledge and experience helped a lot of podcasters to start with their own shows. He won 2010 National European Podcast Award (category: Personality). Currently he’s living in Lublin (Poland) with his fiancée and 3,5 yrs old son – Marcus.









Bartek Biedrzycki (Podcast Gniazdo Światów)




Alex (European Winner 2011)

Meike DugaroGEO Magazine & Podcast (National Winner 2011)

Martin Baum - Radio Antenne 1 presenter & speaker




Rico F. LüthiRico F. Lüthi produce several audio and video podcasts for different companies and organizations. He teaches podcasting and is the initiator of PodUnion, a project for the promotion of podcasts. In this capacity, he deals daily with the issues around the topic of production, hosting, distributing of podcasts. Rico loves this topic, because it is very exciting right now when so many projects are published to support and simplify of the podcasting process.










Amadeo VergésAmadeo Vergés has not special audio-background, but as electronic engineer he is allways interested in new technology. To explore the possibilities of podcasting, he choose his other hobby-geocaching – as theme. With his monthly produced podcast he was one of the swiss winners of the EPA award 2011. With his contribution on the jury he hopes to support the podcast community to produce more high quality podcasts. ”







Fabiola ChristensenFabiola Christensen is Facebook and social media expert. She is director in her own social media agency and is a chosen teacher and speaker. Her speciality is branding of experts and small medium businesses. Fabiola holds five years of experience with marketing on social medias and 15 years within sales and marketing in general. On a daily business Fabiola helps companies with interactiv and entertaining communication on social medias. And it is all based on giving and sharing from my heart.








Morten SaxnaesMorten Saxnaes, 31 year old Dane. Part-time podcast listener, full-time digital strategist at Wibroe, Duckert & Partners i Copenhagen. Prior to working in Denmark he has worked with advertising and technology in Australia and California.
He  advises some of Denmark’s largest companies in the use of new technology and digital communication but has yet to advise them on producing podcasts, but has inspired many to listen and participate in the community.
Morten has  always been one of those podcast listeners, that loves the 2 x speed i iTunes, and hates when a good show is too short.
Listening to podcasts has been one of his most important sources of information and education in the past many years. Living in Copenhagen means riding your bicycle everywhere you go, which is a perfect opportunity to add some extra minutes of listening every day. Morten occasionally stops his bicycle when he gets inspired and emails himself the timestamp, so he doesn´t forget just how important the point was. Has not been in a podcast related accident yet.
Ernst PoulsenErnst Poulsen has worked in online journalism for 15 years at national newspapers Politiken and Jyllands-Posten, at Copenhagen County and at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. He tried everything from being a news-hunting IT-journalist to online subeditor, web editor, magazine editor and commissioning editor.
He co-founded the Danish Online News Association and was its first chairman for five years. He has been a long standing advocate of online journalism and has worked relentlessly to change Danish Media subsidies to include online-media.Today he blogs at the trade-journal and is new-media advisor to the Danish Union of Journalists.He works as a freelance journalist and specializes in IT-journalism and advising on new media strategies.Follow him on Twitter: @ernstpoulsen or read more on his website:





Mark Baars, (interenet) radiostation owner, producer and presenter, early days of podcasting.

Bernard Flach, Podcast creator since the 2005′s and provider of the most used podcasters platform in the NL, podcastinfo, presenter of the dutch version of trade secrets


Peter Stikvoort, creative media specialist, theater producer and actor, creative communications pioneer


Marco Raaphorst, independent music producer, market developer, podcast enthousiast from the early days on, inspirator for many musicians and podcasters


Carles FernándezCarles Fernández – Geologist. Director and editor GeoCastAway. Based in El Salvador. Geofreak diagnosed.



Vicent AsensiVicent Asensi – Geologist. Lead partner – Valencia.




Òscar Jané


Òscar Jané – geologist and Master on Free Software. GeoCastAway Editor and Webmaster. Entertaining with stones and code, Barcelona





Carlos A. López RomeroCarlos A. López Romero – Carlos A. Lopez Romero is a professional video editor and voiceover of vocation, having worked in radio and put his voice to pieces in national news, documentaries, features, commercials, TV and especially for the world of podcast. He writes on since its inception in 2007 and early 2008 including podcasts between sections of the blog, doing each week a comprehensive review of the domestic and tourism news Outstanding international.

In 2010 he is on 4th position in the european ranking of the European Podcast Award. In 2011 he won the National Best Podcast category in Business European Podcast Award and is again at the 4th place in the european ranking.

Currently he is working with different radio networks with small pills traveling and writing several books and blogs immersed in an original draft of different audio guides cities in the world.

It is roughly a brief summary of the many things he does related to the world of audio and podcasting. I hope you like and if you need anything else, do not hesitate to ask him.



Ramón ReyRamón Rey Vicente – Although he studied physics at the University of Salamanca, he was always interested in everything related to technology and especially Internet.He has been involved in some way or another in podcasting and its promotion in Spain since 2006 with his old podcast “Dodge this staff”, often he is working as an editor for Podcastellano and assisting in the organization of the Fourth Conference on Podcasting of Murcia (2009)

Since 2010 he enjoys sharing his passion for movies. He is winner of the European Podcast Award 2011. Personality in the category.






Franck Mallis

Sebastien Beauvarlet

Alex Martinat

Bertrand Lenotre

Thierry Steiner




Francesco Delucia

Cristian Corda

Giovanni Zerba

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As time goes by. Almost 4 years passed since we started the 1st European Podcast Award. Now it’s time to announce all national winners and european winners for the EPA 2012.

We are ready to go, you too?

On Monday – March 18th 2013 – exclusively on Facebook and then on our Blog. Share it and take part. Here’s the link to the Facebook event: Facebook EPA 2012 event


We are very proud to be supported by Olmypus Audio Systems again and happy that they provide following prizes.


All national winners 2012 receive the Olympus Audio Recorder DM-3.















The DM-3 combines CD-quality multi-format playback and recording with sophisticated features like Voice Guidance. With linear PCM, MP3 and WMA compatibility, the DM-3 is ideal for anyone who needs crystal-clear sound anytime, anywhere. Users can enjoy a wide variety of media for work and leisure, including audio recordings, music, audio books and podcasts. The cutting-edge model matches top media players feature by feature with up to 4GB of flash memory, a microSD slot, versatile recording options, multilingual menus, a large backlit colour display and rechargeable battery. It is compatible with PCs and Macs.

More specs on the official Olympus Audio Systems website.



All european winners 2012 receive the Olympus Audio Recorder DM-5.














The DM-5 is a state-of-the-art voice recorder.
CD-quality multi-format playback and recording combine with sophisticated features like Voice Guidance, Voice Commands, Text to Speech and DAISY 2.02 to make DM-5 the choice for discerning users. With linear PCM, MP3 and WMA compatibility, the DM-5 is ideal for anyone who needs crystal-clear sound anytime, anywhere – from business professionals and journalists to photographers, students, the visually impaired and print disabled. With the DM-5, users can enjoy a wide variety of media for work and leisure, including audio recordings, music, audio books, podcasts and images. The new series matches top media players feature by feature with up to 8GB of flash memory, a microSD slot, versatile recording options, multilingual menus, a large backlit colour display and rechargeable battery. It is compatible with PCs and Macs.

More specs on the official Olympus Audio Systems website.



Good luck from your EPA team and Olympus Audio Systems.

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Last week we got a horrible and shocking message. Stefan Dreyer, THE MAN behind the EPA portal, our programmer and developer past away in a car accident suddenly. We are still shocked!

Stefan Dreyer has been the heart of our IT at the European Podcast Award ever since. He built the portal from scratch.  Yes,  this portal had some bugs here and there but he was the man who was there and always available to call. The EPA portal and its complexity is not really comparable to other sites and so he made it happen. He has always supported us and the idea behind the EPA Initiative. We always knew that we were not able to pay adequate. We will never forget.

The team behind the EPA has the unluckiest and biggest loss which we could have ever get.
With his death, this award will never be the same. To be honest, this moment shows all of us to think about the really important things in life.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, his family, friends and colleagues. We wish strength, patience and the courage to keep on living peacefully some day.

Sincere condolences! We are sad and still can’t comprehend this fact.

Rest In Peace, Stefan Dreyer.


The whole European Podcast Award team!

Hi dear podcasters, listeners and podcast fans.

As time goes by. It is the 1st of february 2013 and the voting stage has ended officially today. Please stop voting and begging for votes. It is really too late now :-)

So every year a lot of people are interested into the most important stage of the EPA: The final round. How does it look like?

Our official jury stage begins. We and our judges start working soon. We will look into the top rankings in each country and category. We take a look into potential manipulated votes which our system tracks and clear rankings too.

Then we forward all top 4 ranked podcasts of every category in every country (mostly up to 16 podcasts) to our jury backend. Then we create the online accounts for our judges and our EPA official ambassadors will forward the individual login data to their nominated judges.

Wo are the judges?

Mainly our jury exists of former podcasts winners and professional media employes. We try to gain a good mixture of non professional/semi-professional and experts from media companies. Some of them will be promoted on our official EPA blog soon.

If you are a big podcasts fan, an expert or journalist and would like to be a judge, please contact us at

Our EPA jury stage ends on the 1st of march 2013.

Stay tuned and keep calm :-)

Everybody is excited!

Happy new year to all of you!

Just a short update out of the EPA headquarter.

We begin our jury stage in February, so it wouldn’t make any sense to stop the voting stage of the EPA 2012 today. So we decided to extend the voting stage till the 1st of February.

So take your chance and ask your listeners to support your podcast during the last voting days. 2 1/2 weeks to go!

We are crossing fingers for every submitted podcast.
Good luck!

Your EPA team

It’s time to do it again, as the fourth – and we’re sure, best – European Podcast Award gets underway.


Proudly presented by Olympus Audio Systems

We’re looking forward to receiving your nominations for the European Podcast Award 2012, but first, please check out the terms and conditions below – including the importance of updating your EPA profile by heading over to and logging into your account.

Nominations for the European Podcast Award will not be shown on the EPA-Page until you have updated the information in your European Podcast Award account.


1.    All nominated podcast episodes must have been created in 2012

2.    If for any reason you are unable to submit an RSS Feed during the nomination process, you can now upload episodes manually through your European Podcast Award account and we will host these shows on the European Podcast Award server.

3.    You have lost your account-login? We will send you new login-data until end of September.

4.    National and European winners of the European Podcast Award 2011 are not eligible for the 2012 competition.


Timeline European Podcast Award 2012

Start: 17th September 2012

Voting stage: Till mid of January 2013

Jury stage: January-February 2013

Winner declaration: March 2013


The power of online nominations!

Last year more than 2,000 podcasts were entered in the EPA, supported by over 1,000,000 million votings. If you’re a podcaster or simply passionate about a podcast, make sure to spread the word about your favourite podcast so producers stand a great chance of winning the EPA.


While judges play their part in selecting winners of the EPA, nominations carry great weight, too: Those voted into the top 20 by listeners are highly likely to be entered into the final round of judging.


There’s much more on the EPA assessment criteria.


More chance to win

Tell everyone you’ve been nominated for an EPA award by adding our banner to your website.

You can also embed the funky EPA audio player on your site, as well as on social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. It’s very easy to do – simply click on ‘promote’ on your podcast’s player on the EPA website and you’ll get the html code needed to embed the player.

Want more information on promoting your podcast? Check out our EPA tools and resources.



One last thing…

Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with the latest news on the European Podcast Award 2012.


Good luck from your EPA team and Olympus Audio Systems.

Finally we’ve created banners for all European and National Winners and for all Top10 and Top 20 ranked podcasts, so you can add and put them on your blog, homepage or facebook fanpage.

If you do so, please let us know on our Facebook fanpage our mail screenshots directly to 1stmail(AT)

Of course we do have a button to promote your podcast for the 2012 round of the EPA. Keep in mind, it’s much more effective if you link your button directly to your podcast on our EPA homepage or just use our flash player.


We keep it short and simple. Here they are:


European winners:








 National winners:









Top 10 ranked:









Top 20 ranked:









Vote for me:

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Long time no see but we are back!


Our official video ceremony of the European Podcast Award 2011 is online!

So check it out right now if you own the crown in one of our 4 categories in your country. And if you’re show is top ranked – CONGRATULATIONS too!

To ALL nominees, Fans and Supporters of the EPA:
Tell it to the world on Facebook and Twitter (hashtag #EPA11) by liking, posting and embedding this video on YOUR Facebook-page, Blog and Homepage. Please send us screenshots or links to 1stmail() .

Remember: Tell the people how successfully you are and how great your community supported your podcast. If not, nobody won’t care about it at all!

UPDATE 21.03.2012:

Ladies and Gentlemen,


here are the results of the European Podcast Award 2011.


All national top rankings:


Austria (all categories)

Denmark (all categories)

France (all categories)

Germany (all categories)

Italy (all categories)

Netherlands (all catgories) (Updated due to concerns about one podcast in the ”Non Profit” category. More info about it in the document)

Poland (3 categories) The “Business” category has been taken outside due to too few participants

Spain (all categories)

Switzerland (all categories)

United Kingdom (all categories)

European Rankings:

Europe (all categories)


(Please click on your country to download the pdf file)


Check our Facebook Fanpage for more info.

Thank you again for your support!

Dear podcast producers, fans and listeners here is a selection of our national jurys. (There is no special order of countries)


German speaking jury for Austria/Germany/Switzerland


Linda Zervakis is a speaker, presenter and editor.

She is working for the the NDR, the northern public TV and radio network for 10 years now.

She is well known as the news anchor of the most important news show “Tagesschau” at the first public TV station at 8 o’clock.


Sven Jachmann is editor of the famous TV show “Kerner” for 9 years now.

Most recently, people could have seen him on tv regularly. For example in the context of the series “Svens Sixpack” or when he tried to hide somewhere in Germany.
“Where is Sven” asked a large part of the core audience last summer and looked for the SAT 1 TV reporter all over Germany.

Previously, the 43 year-old reporter and editor worked for Radio Hamburg.


I am married and live together with my wife and two dogs in a small village in Switzerland and work as a Unix systems administrator in Zürich.

Podcasts are one of the ankles of my daily life. I am free to listen what I like whenever or wherever I want to. As a fan of open source software and of transferring knowledge, the variety of podcasts from
all over the world gives the possibility not only to learn and listen a lot, they also give me a different view of opinions, technical things, news or I am just entertained by what I hear.

2010 Roman Hanhart and me were awarded with the European Podcast Award as a National Winner for Switzerland in the category Personality and I feel honoured to participate this year as jury member.


Tamara Bianco is a project manager for one of the largest digital agencies in Germany. Together with a great team she won last year’s EPA with the project „KaffeePod“ in the non-profit category.
After spending one year in the United States of America she started her studies in Media and Communication and completed her Master’s degree. As a lecturer at the University of Augsburg she held courses in podcast production. Tamara is co-founder of the KaffeePod, a project which aims at people who are interested in taking up studies. Listerners are told stories about the everyday challenges and possibilites in a University.



Marko Schlichting is a graduated social worker and a journalist since 1995. He worked as an editor for the RTL News Agency N. S. R. Berlin and Hundert ,6 (former radio station in Berlin),
Now he is working as an editor for the german radio news agencies BLR and RadioDienst.

He is lecturer at the journalist academy “Dr. Hoofacker und Partner” in Munich, co-founder of the world’s only training “online editor for the blind”.
Since 2008 he is broadcasting “Markos Media Podcast” and won the European Podcast Award last year.

Also he is a jury member of the „Alternative Me3dienpreis“, author of an article for the book “Radiojournalismus”



Jennifer Davies an independent journalist, broadcaster and producer who arrived in Switzerland after five years as a staff news reporter and news reader at the BBC.

Based in Zurich, she’s worked for a number of organisations, and combines her love of cultural pursuits with her passion for broadcasting. She believes in the potential for techniques like podcasting to democratise with new voices and perspectives. As well as winning the European Podcast Award’s Professional Category in 2010, Jennifer was also honoured in the same year with the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation’s (SRG) Swiss Media Prize for her series Swiss By Design on World Radio Switzerland.

In 2011 she added a new and challenging job title, “mother”, to her resume, and is currently returning to work and collaborating on independent projects.



United Kingdom

Kate Arkless Gray studied Genetics at Cambridge University, but was drawn away from a lab career when she became Station Manager of the student radio station there.Her love of radio won out and she spent the next few years as a radio producer at a commercial London talk station and then at BBC Radio 2, 5 live and at the BBC Science Radio Unit.

She has also worked at a freelance science reporter for Science in Action. Kate managed the BBC World Service’s award-winning ‘Save Our Sounds’ initiative, creating an audio map of the world and introducing people to the concept of ‘Acoustic Ecology’.

She is currently mixing her desire to be the first woman on the moon, with her role as Editor at the social audio company, Audioboo.


Ben Fawkes is Audio Content Manager at  SoundCloud is the world’s leading sound sharing platform where anyone can create sounds and share them everywhere.

As audio content manager I help develop our relationships with the spoken word and audio industries; this includes podcasters, radio stations, audio book publishers, comedians, universities, sound archives, sound designers, field recorders etc – anything that isn’t music!

Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to talk sound!


Originally a professional photographer for the UK dailies, Social Technologist and early adopter, Christian Payne (AKA Documentally) has diversified to become one of the freshest and most dynamic voices exploring new and social media.

Having spent years experimenting with countless social networking platforms he now talks and give workshops on Social Technology Internationally.

Christian champions story making with mobile devices and although a card carrying journalist he prefers to be called a blogger as he shares his content across multiple platforms. Many think of Christian as a Video Blogger but he favours Audio overall.

Some of his social media places can be found at

Follow Christian Payne on Twitter @Documentally And find some of his audio on


Pete Cogle is based in Sussex, England. He’s a prolific podcaster, and has been producing his flagship show, PC Podcast since January 2006. The show is a weekly mixture of many genres of music, news and interviews with the people behind some great Netlabels.

In December 2010, the show won the Personality Award in the European Podcast Award. Pete produces many other podcasts, such as The Dub Zone, which is a mix of the best netlabel dub and reggae, release every two weeks since May 2007, and The Dub Step Zone, which is a mix of dubstep released every four weeks since January 2009. His latest podcast is The Hip Hop Zone, which has been going since March 2011.
In addition Pete is an active member of the Association of Music Podcasting, and Made In The UK Podcast collectives.


Bob Cartwright has lived a life of freelance media producer for longer than he wishes to remember. Occasionally working for the larger names in the Broadcast industry before settling into the fluctuating and flexible life of  commercial work, in the form of music, radio and general corporate production. His passion since a small child was audio, and he spent many a dangerous hour as a child stripping down valve TV set and Radios, to see how they worked.
Although the delivery method has been changed and updated many times since the glowing diode, the content is still the most important ingredient. Sound has the wonderful ability to paint pictures in the mind, to transport listeners to impossible places and inspire emotion in the way no other medium can.
He’s very much looking forward to listening to the various nominated podcasts this year and hopes to find many new nuggets of gold from up and coming creative souls, who like him, knows that audio holds no barriers or bounds and that when its produced in the right way, it can be timeless and live forever.
Long live independent media production, and let the creative juices flow!






Giel was born for radio. Since the age of eight he wanted to work with radio and his dream came true three years later when he was allowed to work at the local radio station. Through New Dance Radio Giel ends up on the night slots of Radio 3FM. Here he presents programs like “Beelen voor je Bek”, ”De Dopeshow”, ”Nachtegiel”, the ”Feestcommissie” and ”Giel Hier”.

Because of Giel’s passion for cutting-edge, honest radio, he has seen a lot of radio broadcasters. In September 2003 Giel leaves his beloved night air time for presenting the eveningshow ”Gigagiel” and ”Hard en Giel” at NPS on 3FM. As of May 17, 2004 Giel Beelen presents the 3FM morningshow ”GIEL”. Every weekday from 6:00 to 10:00 on 3FM and for the freaks he presents in the night from Friday to Saturday ”Nachtegiel” from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.

Giel has won the European Podcast Award for the Netherlands last year, with his podcast version of ”GIEL”, in the professional category.


Liesbeth Staats is the female conscious of the jury. She is a professional anchor, format developer, editor and reporter in mainstream media for more then 10 years and did a variety of producing and presenting for several years on, first local, and later on national TV programs like ”Het Jeugdjournaal” and ”AVRO’s EénVandaag”.

Now a days she is freelance ancor and reporter for ”KRO’s Brandpunt”, owner of her own production company ”Staats TV” for producing, directing and format development. Liesbeth is one of the faces behind ”The Media Sisters”, a brand new media production company with 11 of the best and most influential women in the Dutch media industry.

She also can be seen in the new season of the popular experience series ”Wie is de Mol”, starting in January 2012 on Dutch national TV.



Brenno is a well respected journalist mainly focussed on ICT. He has had some controversy discoveries about safety on dutch corporate websites, privacy sensitive leaks on websites and hackable chipcards. Brenno writes for different media, eg., the largest online news website in The Netherlands, Webwereld and IDG Netherlands.

Brenno also started podcasting in the early pioneering days and hosts several successful podcasts like De Beveiligingsupdate and ICT Roddels. He is owner of De Winter Information Solutions, where he, as he describes himself “Consult, train and write (IT Publications and a book) mainly about open source, Linux, Voice-over-IP, Security and dirsrupting technologies.”


Bernard Flach discovered podcasting in the early days and co-hosted a show about the development in the podcasting world, following up a Dutch version of the series Adam Curry and Dave Winer started abroad, called ”Trade Secrets”. He founded, a podcasting platform where the independent podcasters all could come together discussing the wonderful world of possabilities and opportunities of podcasting in those days.

Bernard is a key character in the scene building from those days and made it possible that podcasting is where it is today in the Netherlands. Next to the professional radio stations that started using podcast as a second platform next to airwaves, the independent scene of amateurs and professionals needed a platform to get their message out, and Bernard Flach gave that with and it’s forums.


Joost Baars & Matthijs Ponte

Joost Baars is a poet and essayist, and podcast producer of the 2010 European Podcast Award winning podcast ”VersSpreken”. He was business coördinator and programme producer at Stichting Perdu for several years. Currently he is working on his poetry debut and writing essays about poetry, film, culture and politics.

Together with Matthijs Ponte he presents and produces the 2010 award winning podcast VersSpreken, a podcast where writers review poems and prose.

His partner in crime, Mathijs Ponte, is poet, philosopher, business coordinator for the workgroup of ”Caraibische Letteren” and part of the collective ”Schijnheilig”. He has written for e.g. de ”” and the literary magazine ”DWB” and produced programs for ”Perdu” and ”Schijnheilig”. Toghether with Joost Baars he hosts and produces the Award winning podcast ”VersSpreken”.






Anne Fox offers tailor-made English coaching for employees and university students to TOEFL and IELTS level. She is also a teacher trainer in the area of ICT integration, facilitating Trinity College validated courses for language teachers worldwide through the Barcelona-based Consultants-E. She participates in European projects contributing expertise in the areas of language teaching, e-learning and intercultural training. Anne Fox also has ten years experience of different aspects of project management to draw on in her previous employment including proposal writing, coordination, internal evaluation and external quality assessment. Currently she is a project partner in the Understand IT Leonardo project leading the evaluation work package and will perform the same function in the recently started Unikey Erasmus project. Anne Fox co-produces the Absolutely Intercultural podcast which garnered the European Podcast Award for Denmark in 2010. The podcast reaches a worldwide audience. She is also a regular conference speaker both face to face, such as Online Educa, Eden and IATEFL and online, such as Polish Moodle Moot, K12 Online and the Global Education conference.


Christiane Vejlø is a leading digital trend expert and founder of the digital lifestyle magazine Christiane has worked in Danish telecom since 2002 and continous to be a dynamic force in mobile content and digital platforms. Vejlø’s consulting business But-Why helps tech and media companies navigate the ocean of digital trends and to build succesful digital content strategies. Every sunday Vejlø hosts a weekly Elektronista digital culture program on danish Radio24syv.


Torben Sangild, Copenhagen, Denmark, PhD, postdoctoral research in LARM radio studies with a project on public radio signatures and sigtunes. Media and art critic at daily paper Politiken. Freelance writer and author of several books about art and music. Torben has been blogging since 2003, and he is a passionate podcast listener.



Stig Hartvig Nielsen (53)  is the founder and CEO of three of the leading, private radio stations in Denmark – Radio Viborg (1984-1989),  Radio ABC (1990-1996)   Radio Alfa (1994-1996).  Former Controller of P4 (largest national public service channel) and former Member of the Board of Directors at DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation). Now works with his own company, Hartvig Media ApS, as consultant in the broadcast industry and since 2001 as editor-in-chief of and







Marta Perrotta is a researcher of Cinema, Photography and Television. She teaches Television Format and  History of Radio and Televisione at University of Rome, “Roma Tre”. She works with Rai and Mediaset as an author.

She writes essays about radio and television languages, also for english reviews (Media, Culture & Society, International Journal of Cultural Studies, The Radio Journal).



Giacomo Brunoro: After graduating, he moved to Milano where he worked for eight years in several radios: Radio Kiss Kiss Network, RIN, Play Radio, Dieci, Controcampo, Radio Deejay.

Now he works as managing editor of LA CASE Italy, an american society of audiobooks and ebooks. He is also an author of several audiobooks.


Giovanni Zerba, graduated in Radio languages at Siena University, begins to work in radio from the age of 16 (Radio Icaro, Facoltà di Frequenza, Radio Dolcissima, Radio DgVoice).

He’s interested in podcasting and he writes on the website of radio news Since april 2011 is a marketing consultant for Radio Touch, an italian start-up wich is planning radio app.



Cristian Corda from Quartu Sant’Elena (Cagliari, Sardinia), is a 23 years old student and his experience with radio started this year at Unica Radio, the radio of the university of Cagliari, last year winner of the European Podcast Award in “no-profit” category. Cristian and Carlotta Bellisai host a program on Unica Radio about cinema.








Borys Kozielski – lives in Warsaw, Poland.
I work on Radio Wnet ( citizens station, make WikiRadio ( about Wikipedians projects and few podcasts.
I have a bachelor degree in journalism with radio specialisation.
I’ve been a podcaster for 6 years making an RSS code and developing tools for podcasters (, still enthusiastic about new technologies in citizens journalism.



Lukasz Witkowski – host of Polskie Detroit Podcast ( – very first Polish podcast in the United States. He’s one of the pioneers of podcasting in Poland.

His knowledge and experience helped a lot of podcasters to start with their own shows. He won 2010 National European Podcast Award (category: Personality). Currently he’s living in Lublin (Poland) with his fiancée and 3,5 yrs old son – Marcus.


Filip Dawidzinski, a natural born podcaster.

Since 2005 every tuesday he broadcasts his “Nie Tylko Dla Orlow” (Not Only For the Eagles) podcast.
Addicted to quality, regularity and attention to audio detail – this is pure Filip. Perfection in every episode is the key to his success.
He travels a lot, so his podcasts are mainly about his adventures and learning about the people and their cultures.

One of the key players in polish podcasting, he was a driving force in the polish podcasting group. Founder of Podcastofon – printed magazine and weekly audio show about polish podcasts. Nowadays he’s living and broadcasting more privately and quietly, but still listening to good quality podcast tunes.






Severine Godissart is 29 years old, EPA 2010 winner with her podcast ‘UndeRise’  in the non-profit category.

She is a radio host for more than 12 years, she now works for a community radio in Ariège, ‘Radio Transparence’  as a morning show host and musical broadcast scheduler. There she learnt the ropes, the independent world being her favorite musical domain.

She also is the lead member of the rock band ‘Kerria Noir’ and a member of the photographic and musical project ‘Ending Satellites’.



Cédric Dumaine ishost and producer of ‘Upperground’ and ‘C’est Quoi Ton Job ?’ (English: ‘What’s Your Job?’)

Cédric is a self-taught podcaster who has won an EPA twice. Activist for independant radio stations, he usually collaborate with ‘La Grosse Radio’ and created a label in 2008 to support self-produced artists. He also produce audio jingles and commercials for local stations, organizations and webradios.



Jean Michel Abrassart is graduated in psychology and a qualified teacher in philosophy. He wrote ‘La Croyance Au Paranormal’ (English:’Belief in Paranormal’), published at the Editions Universitaires

He is hosting the podcast “Scepticisme scientifique: Le balado de la science et de la raison” since its creation on June 2009.







Raimon Lapuente is a Software Engineer focused on technology, communication and social approach. For the last 5 years he has been working on Internet from the Barcelona Tech University with focus on Services and Mobile. IHe is been an active podcaster at Mossegalapoma Podcast for the last 4 years and will continue with the project, hitting in early 2012 the 100 episode.

The podcast won the European Podcast Award in 2010 in the non profit category and got to the finals of Premis Blocs 2010. Since summer 2011 Mossegalapoma Podcast is present on Catalunya Radio a local Radio of Catalunya.

He also contributed with a chapter in the Spanish book: “Podcasting: tú tienes la palabra” in 2010.


Juan Pablo Silvestre is a leading personality in creative radio in Spain. He presently conducts Mundo Babel for Radio Nacional de España, Spain´s public radio channel. Legendary shows, such as Escápate mi amor  or El sonido de la ciudad, were his creation and prompted musical trends such as the so-called World Music.  Mundo Babel was the first mainstream radio show to distribute and broadcast non-professional podcasts to the Spanish-speaking world and held worlwide the Primera Muestra de Podcast en Español at RNE as early as 2005.

As a musician and songwriter, his songs have been recorded by himself and other artists. He is frequently invited to participate as jury in many events and awards connected to music, theatre and culture.


Votings are closing, jury-members are working, and while we are waiting for the results, you can listen to the fourth episode of the Official Podcast of the European Podcast Award.

[audio:|titles=European Podcast Award Podcast|artists=Karin Høgh & Dave Thackeray]

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Download here episode 4: “Audio editing, podcasting carreer and nominations”

You will meet:

Podcaster Anne-Sophie Reinhardt from Switzerland who has battled with anorexia for 14 years and is now recovering. Podcasting the and

Nick Dunkerley from the Danish startup HindenburgSystems, co-sponsor of the EPA Award.

You can hear the longer version of the interview with HindenburgSystems Nick Dunkerley over here:
[audio:|titles=Nick Dunkerley, HindenburgSystems]


BBC Radio 1’s Jen Long who was discovered and set on course for stardom when she was independently podcasting and showcasing local bands in her native Wales.

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Remember the votings for EPA11 end November 30th, so now is the time you should create a buzz around the nominated podcasts. In this episode we talk about the importance of social media. The hosts Dave Thackeray, The Podcastguy, and the UK Ambassador for EPA, and Karin Hoegh, PodConsult, shares their best tips about how to create a community around a podcast.


Download episode 3: “Social media – podcasters road to success”

[audio:|titles=European Podcast Award Podcast|artists=Karin Høgh & Dave Thackeray]

You can also hear Anne Fox (photo) from last years national winner in Denmark in the non-profit category.

We have a promo from the Danish nominees David and Dennis from “DobbeltD“.

AND an shoutout from Will Green, the host of the nominated podcast “British Mac

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If you would like to know more about the criterias behind the EPA, this is the episode, you should download or just listen to here on the blog.

The Danish EPA ambassador Karin Hoegh has an interview with Michel Mertens about the conditions, nominations, the jury –  all the details about the voting and the nominations of the EPA. You can also read more about it in last years post about the criteria.


Download episode 2: “The Votes and the Jury”

[audio:|titles=European Podcast Award Podcast|artists=Karin Høgh & Dave Thackeray]

You can also hear the creator Tamara Bianco of the last years winner of the non profit category, Kaffeepod - she talks about how surprising it was for a podcasting project at the University of Augsburg to be nominated and even win the EPA 2010. The podcast is podfaded, but you can still find it on iTunes and on the blog.

Dave Thackeray, The Podcastguy, and the UK Ambassador for EPA, lines out the essential elements of podcasting. These are the key elements, you should sit down and think carefully about, before you start your podcast, or if you think your show does not reach the level of recognition you think it deserves.

  • discovery
  • objective
  • measurements
  • tech available
  • planning show
  • recording
  • publicity

You will also get very valuable tips and tricks from three podcasters nominated for the European Podcast Award:

Federico started podcasting in 2009 – he is very fond of art, he is passionate about sharing the magic of Italian heritage.
It is a tech talk show with guests – a minimal mac show about minimal computing on a Mac.
A podcast about Poland by a Polish guy.

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